The world is changing fast. The challenges we collectively face require new, imaginative responses: the ongoing financial crisis, rising inequality, an out-of-control elite, stagnating levels of well-being, climate change and the end of cheap oil and gas are the interlinked symptoms of a failed system.

We can’t afford to wait for others to take action; we need to make change happen now, where we are. Around the world people are not waiting for leadership, but are getting on and organising. By experimenting together we can transform our lives and our communities in ways that can deliver better lives for all.

In the spirit of turn of the century feminist activists, bread, print and roses combines practical projects with developing a bold, positive and imaginative vision of the world as it could be. We also believe that if we are to create a more vibrant world for all, a far wider range of people will need to play an active role in shaping the world we live in. In the words of Rebecca Solnit, “Anything could happen, whether we act or not has everything to do with it.”

bread, print & roses was founded by Ruth Potts and Molly Conisbee.