Materialism has become synonymous with consumerism – wasteful, debt-fueled and ultimately unsatisfying. Yet, inescapably we are part of the material world. How, then, can we develop a healthy connection to it? In this pamphlet, co-published with Schumacher College, Ruth Potts and Andrew Simms argue for a ‘New Materialism’ in which we grow a more deeply pleasurable, and also respectful relationship with the world of ‘things’.

Not only do we think there is strong evidence that this will significantly enhance our well-being, it is also an essential step forward if we are to thrive while living within our environmental means. The New Materialism also offers a better solution to key current economic challenges such as the need to generate ample, good-quality jobs – and a way of making daily goods and services available that escapes the consumer debt-trap.

New Materialism Pamphlet